Scholarships & Financial Aid

ECPSR is a merit based educational institution which always focuses on research based studies and multidisciplinary instruction. One of the key targets of the University, along these lines, is to draw in the most exemplary students as they improve the expectation to learn and competitive environment of the whole University. ECPSR trusts that teaching involves a solid collaboration amongst students and instructors and in this manner the whole scholastic group is profited in the quest for information when phenomenal students are available at the University.

To assist the headway open doors for students with extraordinary ability and for students coming through under privileged backgrounds, ECPSR has organized two Scholarship schemes for the admissions of 2018 into Undergraduate Programs called:

A. EINSTEIN SCHOLARSHIPS – For academically topmost students

B. ABUNDIUS SCHOLARSHIPS (Abundius was a famous Christian saint 400AD) – for financially week students

The subtle elements of these grants are given in the following text.

The principles and rules applying to these Scholarships are:

  1. These grants might be notwithstanding the current legitimacy based Scholarships offered by ECPSR.
  2. These grants are totally at the watchfulness of the University.
  3. The University maintains whatever authority is needed to offer these Scholarships through its own particular extra evaluation and confine the quantity of grants offered under both of the plans.
  4. The choice of the University towards such Scholarships will be last and authoritative. The grants are a benefit towards satisfying particular reason and not a qualification.
  5. These Scholarships will be prepared after an understudy joins the University. Until the point that the season of joining, the competitors are required to take after the regular determination process.
  6. The University may keep higher scholastic execution criteria for maintenance or continuation of these grants contrasted with different students at the University. A similar will be conveyed at the season of honor of the grant.
  7. The University may request extra archives by method for School Certificates, Income Statements, and details of examination taken, and so on.

Einstein Scholarships

The Einstein Scholarships are for students who have indicated uncommon scholastic intelligence in different acceptable national level evaluations.

The below mentioned tests/examinations/evaluations are perceived for affirmations under the Einstein Scholarship:

Determination Procedure

The students under this class are accepted to have demonstrated their scholastic qualifications through the thorough evaluations specified in section I mentioned above. Thusly, there is an arrangement for such candidates to show up specifically for a personal interaction with the individuals from personnel of the concerned department to be considered for admission.

Such communication will occur on the whole discretion of ECPSR on case to case basis. There will be no travel remittance paid for showing up at such interview/counselling. The hopefuls can likewise get through the general determination procedure of ECPSR showing up for ENAT.

Expenses and extra Scholarships

The competitors who qualify in light of the evaluations given in I will be granted full educational cost charges waiver. In the event that they are as of now qualified for full waiver under the merit scholarship, at that point there will be no extra monetary incentive applicable. They will be required to pay Living and Administrative Costs like other students.

Extra Selection Requirement

The hopefuls will be require to meet the Minimum Eligibility Criteria for the program they are coming in for as given on the site:

Essential instructions to be understood before you apply for Scholarship:

First come - first served, which implies, the initial 20 qualified application we get requesting grants and get endorsed from our Dean or Head of scholastic investigation will get the grant

Procedure - How can you apply for 10-15% grant?

NOTE: ONLY our enrolled students can apply for our grants and Financial Aid program.

What should your Motivation letter for our Scholarships and Financial Aid program incorporate?

How might you show your municipal association as a major aspect of your inspiration to get a scholarship?

For what reason do you wish to seek after this examination program? What do you plan to accomplish?

In what capacity will your investment in this Course/examine program additionally bolster your city inclusion?

Note: students who get the uncommon grant must do a video tribute amid their examination to impart their experience to future students and any grant on ECPSE site is material just for students paying the full charge for the entire assessed period before beginning.

Abundius Scholarships

This scholarship is named after a famous Saint so the purpose is also quite novel. We want to extent our open arms to students from weaker backgrounds but with exceptional talent and grit to succeed. We will offer scholarships under this head on case to case basis. ECPSR doesn’t commit to offer this scholarship to each & every candidate applying for this scheme.

Scholarship will be provided on the whole discretion of the working committee or ECPSR handling these scholarships and their decision