As a major aspect of its undertakings to benefit as much as possible from its scholarly assorted variety, and to give constructive input into open level headed discussion on vital social issues, the ECPSR has recognized regions of research in which it is especially solid. These territories address significant difficulties confronting society today, e.g. Human wellbeing and the earth, and they call for arrangements that include coordinated effort between open experts, business and industry and the University.

The opening of various Centers of excellence at the ECPSR has built up a dynamic center for the kind of interdisciplinary research that encourages the researchers to explore into various aspects of human life & technological developments taking place. The Center empowers different gatherings of analysts to draw on each other's qualities with a specific end goal to see how these varied frameworks related to human civilization are organized and how they work. Equipped with the new bits of knowledge that are rising constantly, the point is to grow new, manageable & sustainable frameworks in view of future human development, and in doing as such help to understand a portion of the significant difficulties that the world is confronting.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

"ECPSR is a merit based educational institution which always focuses on research based studies and multidisciplinary instruction. One of the key targets of the University, along these lines, is to draw in the most exemplary students as they improve the expectation to learn and competitive environment of the whole University."