Quality Assurance

To deliver nothing but the best at ECPSR, the main thrust is given to Fundamental research and research-based investigation programs. These programs are the establishment on which training at the ECPSR is constructed. Research produces new information and comprehension – about everything from the jungle fever bearing mosquito to new philosophical speculations about the self.

Research-based training empowers the private and open segments to enroll master staff and access the most recent information in such different regions as wellbeing, nourishment, organic generation and globalization. We believe that if the students will face the real world problems while studying at ECPSR only then they will be able to contribute their achievements, knowledge and practical wisdom to the world in a better & constructive way. There is no use of theoretical knowledge which can’t be implemented in real life scenarios.


Progressively, social difficulties request an interdisciplinary approach, as a major aspect of which specialists from various controls, and with various scholastic methodologies, cooperate to comprehend and shed light on these issues – for instance, humanism, political science and common and wellbeing sciences are largely indispensable to inquire about into the creating scene. The ECPSR has an extensive variety of interdisciplinary needs and regions of quality, for example, atmosphere and maintainability, Asia and worldwide wellbeing.


The ECPSR is well known far and wide for the effect that individuals related with it have made on society, individuals who have helped establish the frameworks for the solid global class look into situations for which the University is eminent today, individuals whose work still draws in scientists from everywhere throughout the world to the city. We are inviting more & more dedicated & ambitious scholars or undergrads to be a part of ECPSR and help the world to become a better & more acceptable place to live in. Further, indirectly our aim is to present a beautiful & knowledgeable world to our future generations.

Academic Programs

"The main mission and purpose of the college is to provide lifelong learning opportunities to its diverse community members. All programs offered at ECPSR through its partner institutions prepare the students to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives and the lives of individuals in the communities they serve."