Purpose of Offered Academic Programs

The main mission and purpose of the college is to provide lifelong learning opportunities to its diverse community members. All programs offered at ECPSR through its partner institutions prepare the students to improve the quality of their personal and professional lives and the lives of individuals in the communities they serve.

The programs serve the needs of all of its student population in the following areas:

  • Help the students to improve their current work functions by acquiring new skills and competencies.
  • Train the students to acquire career focused competencies and skills that will make them eligible to work at entry level positions in their studied field.
  • Help the students to improve their knowledge and skills and to make managerial and leadership decisions that will help their respective work and living communities.
  • Assist the students in improving their knowledge of English language to be able to successfully communicate and handle job requirements in an English speaking setting.
  • Help the students to utilize information technology tools to improve their productivity and work efficiency.