Masters in International Relations

2 Year Programme

Public Administration study is the future academic area that has acquired salience and status among social science students, mainly those who are aspiring to build a career in the fast varying political economy. A Master course in Public Administration in Mahatma Gandhi University is first of its kind and the branch of Political Science has the opportunity to offer it and aim to develop professional skills crucial for management and to follow developmental goals. It is particularly designed for equally strategy planning and implementation. The course format provides modern inputs to the field of administration and management that cover the basis for current progress with a standpoint applicable to the rising world.

  • Public Administration
  • Financial Administration In India
  • Human Resource Development
  • Research Method
  • Administrative Theory and Thoughts
  • Elementary Computer Applications
  • Local Administration
  • State Administration In India
  • Labour Welfare And Industrial Relations
  • Comparative Public Administration

There are a number of major advantages to gaining the Bachelor of Public Administration and Management degree. The program provides graduates with the flexibility to move into a broad scope of management positions across a wide range of industries. It provides invaluable knowledge on the key functions required to run a company and manage people. Bachelor of Public Administration and Management graduates can work in a number of areas in all sectors as Administrators, Administrative Specialists, Budget Analysts and Community Relations Specialists.

Internship and placement opportunities can be arranged.