Facilitation Center

ECPSR desires to open Student’s Facilitation centers all across globe. These should be located at the strategically important locations. These should be easy to reach and aptly connected with road, rail or metro connectivity for the ease of students. Facilities like spacious classrooms, counselling room, free Wi-Fi connection, library, and qualified faculty should be there for the betterment of the student community.

Their main task is to act like a bridge between ECPSR and students. They will handle all the various documents, admission procedure, marketing & promotion activities, conducting examinations, distribution of certificates etc. for ECPSR and its partner affiliates.

The services are categorized under four broader areas

  • Examination related
  • Fee Collection related
  • Admission related
  • External related
  • General Services

To the students, University is their world, life and dreams. It is the place where they learn to live and grow as individuals, ready to take on the challenges of the future. The facilitation center has to cater to the youth and it should be able to justify students’ aspirations. The focus should start from the Admission process which is often considered to be wildering and complicated. After School, the students are often caught at the crossroads, faced with the challenges of navigating the admission process which often confounds them, unless systems are in place to help them make a smooth transition to college. Our facilitation center has to put every effort aiming at making this process smooth and expeditious. The Admission Cell should be there to help in the selection and admission process.

The dedicated team of Qualified Counselors and Counseling Staff stationed at these facilitation centers will play a pivotal role in guiding students to choose the correct program offered by ECPSR. They will guide them through answering their admission related queries, since it concerns the ‘course’ of their life and careers. The Admission Cell’s chief task is to transform the tedious process of admission into a pleasurable experience.

The Counselors in the Admission Cell should be geared towards helping students and their parents in applying for admission in the course that best suits the student’s interest, aptitude and goals. The counseling services are in fact tailored to meet the needs and dreams of each student and give them a sense of purpose and clarity.