European College of Professional Studies and Research (ECPSR) is the leading education and management educational consulting organization and officially registered and approved entity established with Center of Registers and Information Systems by the Government of Republic of Estonia in Northern Europe and licensed to operate by the Estonian Government. It is located in the capital city of Estonia, Tallinn.

Through at its consultancy domain, ECSPR offers affordable, quality higher education to underserved markets, in collaboration with reputable universities in the UK, US, Europe and Africa. ECPSR also seeks and arranges scholarship for students to Study Abroad through our partnership with well recognized and accredited higher learning institutions globally. ECPSR look to fill the need for continuous quality training without physical barriers, which allows our students to balance their personal lives with the professional development that the contemporary market demands. Along with support from internationally and accredited partner universities, ECPSR offers students the opportunity to earn high quality internationally recognized qualifications at a very low cost. It aims to offer students the chance to boost their knowledge and personal skills, advance their careers and build the lives they are dreaming of.

The main purpose of the institution is to train aspiring individuals to lead companies and institutions, within a new paradigm for sustainable and innovative management. In order to accomplish this, through our graduate and postgraduate programmes, we provide them with comprehensive training which comes with the flexibility offered by our online methodology.

ECPSR, with its technology and strategic management consulting team proves to be career professionals at the top of their game. No matter what your specific requirements may be, the depth of experience, expertise, and drive within ECPSR consulting teams is unrivalled. Whether your requirements are deeply technical, managerial or strategic, we will add value and deliver performance-enhancing results, efficiently and consistently. What's more, these impressive results will be delivered on time and will meet - if not exceed - your greatest expectations. We are extremely passionate about what we do, as our reputation is founded on your success.

Scholarships & Financial Aid

"ECPSR is a merit based educational institution which always focuses on research based studies and multidisciplinary instruction. One of the key targets of the University, along these lines, is to draw in the most exemplary students as they improve the expectation to learn and competitive environment of the whole University."